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Admission into Jester Park
& the Nature Center is FREE

Indoor Archery & Air Rifle


Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays  (during summer hours) 

Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. We provide participants with the basics that will get them safely shooting and a general feel for archery with a compound bow. We will cover eye dominance, archery safety rules, equipment, and proper shooting techniques. Perfect for all skill ranges, from no experience to those who have their own bow! All equipment is provided. Outside bows and arrows are not allowed. *Minimum Age | 10 - Adult supervision is required for those 16 years & under.


Sundays (during summer hours)

Target shooting is a lifelong sport and can be practiced for most at an early age and continue through adulthood. Learn the basics of air rifle target shooting from our certified staff. Come have a great time with us learning how to shoot! All equipment is provided. Outside air rifles and/or pellets are not allowed. *Minimum Age | 10 - Adult supervision is required for those 16 years & under.

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Archery (unlimited)


Air Rifle (25 pellets)


 For more information, call: (515)-323-5330

*Age Requirement: 

Our first and foremost responsibility is to ensure the safety of all participants. The Scholastic Action Shooting Program, the agency that we certify through, has set a minimum age of 12. At this age, children are physically able to operate all functions of an air rifle and grasp the purpose of the program. This program is a tool to instill life skills such as discipline, safety, ethics, mental focus, self-discipline, and self-confidence in Iowa's youth. The program uses these shooting disciplines to teach hunting skills through the safe use of hunting equipment including firearms and their relationship to hunting situations.